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Car Windscreen Specialist

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Car Windscreen Specialist

*Car Windscreen Replacement                
*Car Windscreen Repair                        

*Car Window Glass Replacement           

*Car Windscreen Insurance Claim Service

*Kedai Cermin Kereta                           

*Pakar Cermin Kereta                            

warranty for 3 years

 Windscreen insurance panel


*AXA Affin 
*Etiqa Takaful

*Great Eastern 


*MPI Generali


*MAA Takaful 

*Pacific & Orient

*The Pacific


*RHB Insurance
*Takaful Ikhlas 

*Takaful Malaysia 

*Tune Protect

*Zurich Takaful

*Zurich Insurance

At Winscreen Plus, specialize in windshield/windows for all makes and models, providing emergency windscreen replacement and repairs in Klang, Selangor. Our services range from stone chip repair, complete removal & refit, rear or side window installation to full glass replacement, auto glass tinting, headlights restoration and window/windshield insurance claims.

Windscreen Specialist puchong

We are windscreen specialist in puchong/ Shah Alam, we can repair your damaged windscreen like a stone chip, star break, bull eyes and cracked line. we also have replace new windscreen,apply tint film,head lamp reshining,renew policy insurance,renew roadtax,insurance claims service and more... We are trusted for our excellent service and great price. windscreen replace or repair just take only 1~2 hour. If you have any problems with your car windscreen please contact us for an appointment. 

You can trust our well-trained, dedicated technicians to repair or replace your windscreen correctly. Our knowledgeable can help you get your insurance claim for windscreen replacement or windscreen repair services approved. For more information about getting your windscreen replaced

We been set up with a completed solutions for all the needs of your vehicle windscreen.


Your windscreen are fixed by our fully trained and experienced technicians. We well-known for our excellent services, affordable and competitive prices, highly in standards with knowledgeable skills.

We manages to have a quality services with the greatest possible standards of workmanship. We had developed a strong reputation for years with our efficiency, reliability and trustworthiness.

Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to give you a quote on any of the services we provide.

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